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Christmas Everyday

UHNM Charity are launching a brand-new Christmas campaign, encouraging businesses and individuals to donate to UHNM Charity, not just for Christmas but everyday.


UHNM is a 24/7 operation, and whilst we benefit from increased donations at Christmas we are asking YOU to make lasting donations that can make a real difference all year round.


We're taking part in the national effort to get everybody wearing Christmas jumpers this year as part of National Christmas Jumper Day. If you and your business want to take part, sign up below and we will send you your fundraising pack - who knows, we might even bring a special visitor to come and see you.


We're also putting on our first 'Give a Quid' day, where we're asking local businesses and their staff to come to work dressed as they like in return for a £1 donation to the UHNM Charity. We'll be out and about with our camera crew on the day to come and see who does it best.


To get involved, fill in the form below.

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