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UHNM Charity Running Club's Charity of the Year

Silverdale Running Club has chosen to support the work of UHNM Charity by making us their charity of the year and donating £200.

Julie Knall, a member of the running club and a system programme manager at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust presented their cheque on behalf of her fellow runners.

She said: “Silverdale Running Club was reformed in 2020 having previously existing back in the 1970s. It’s made up of members from the local area including May Bank, Wolstanton and Madeley who run a range a distances from 5k’s and 10k’s up to endurance events.”

“Our first proper run should have been in April 2020 but we couldn’t get together because of covid. Instead, we kept the running club going through a series of online challenges to keep members motivated.”

“We really started up again last year and have the ‘Run-Walk-Jog-Talk’ initiative to promote mental health and get our members talking to each other.”

“When the club reformed we decided to support a number of local charities over the coming year that were close to our members. We chose UHNM Charity not only because of the work the NHS has done throughout the pandemic, but because a number of our runners work for UHNM, the NHS and public sector.”

“We managed to raise the money through our Christmas party, raffle and club kit and merchandise and hope it will make a difference to patients.”

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