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UHNM Charity helps fund vital local healthcare research grants

UHNM Charity has teamed up with the North Staffordshire Medical Institute (NSMI) to offer local healthcare projects grants of up to £25,000 towards potentially life-saving research. By supporting the Institute’s Research Awards, UHNM Charity will enable more local people to benefit from ground-breaking healthcare research.

Professor Murray Brunt, Chairman of the NSMI and Professor of Clinical Oncology at the School of Medicine at Keele University said: "These research grants provide a lifeline for locally-driven healthcare projects with the potential to provide meaningful healthcare benefit. I am very excited by the collaboration with UHNM Charity which will mean we will be able to support more researchers locally. We get regular applications from projects at University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) for these grants, and this will help to cement our joint ventures."

The NSMI was established in 1961 as an independent charity to provide funds for medical and surgical research and to facilitate medical education.

Kamaraj Karunanithi, Consultant Haematologist and Director of Research and Development at UHNM said: “This support from UHNM Charity is fantastic news. Together, we are absolutely thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for all UHNM staff to advance your research to the next level by this initial support. My message to colleagues is to get ready to fire up your research mindset, because we are going to help start your research projects - please do not miss out on this exhilarating opportunity.” 

Lisa Thomson, Director of Communications and Charity at UHNM added: “We were delighted to support our colleagues at the NSMI with their Research Grant Awards, helping to make a real difference to patient care locally through vital research. A number of grants have been awarded to UHNM staff over the years and I encourage as many projects as possible to apply, regardless of their area.” 

Applications are open until 28 April via the NSMI website. Whilst all healthcare-related project are eligible, and anybody can apply, the successful applicant must be a member of the NSMI.    

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