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UHNM Charity-funded projector helps reduce anxiety of Theatre patients

 Having an operation can be a stressful and anxious experience for anybody, let alone for younger patients or those with learning disabilities.

That’s why we were very happy to support our brilliant team in Theatres at Royal Stoke in purchasing an LED projector which will be used to distract patients during their anaesthetic.

The projector will be used to project a variety of moving images onto the ceiling of the anaesthetics room, so patients can view from their beds.     

Dr Caroline Pruefer, Consultant Anaesthetist said:  “The projector is aimed at paediatric and patients with learning difficulties, and is known to reduce anxiety in the anaesthetic room prior to receiving their anaesthetic. There’s strong evidence to suggest that this improves the patient’s experience and journey through the hospital and is highly impactive on both their wellbeing and subsequent trips to theatre.”

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