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UHNM Charity-funded interactive music sessions hit the right note with County patients

Inpatients at County Hospital are enjoying monthly stimulating and interactive musical activity sessions thanks to UHNM Charity funding.

Elderly patients on Ward 15 are taking part in sessions led by community musicians from Musical Moments.

The sessions include a mix of live musical performances and interactive and sensory musical activities.

Julie Woodworth, Ward Manager said: “A lot of the time our patients are confined to their beds or chairs, and these sessions break the normality of the day. More importantly they help provide movement, exercise and sensory and mental stimulation which aid in patient’s recovery.”

“The sessions make such a difference and by the end of them everyone is smiling and talking to each other. Patients have come from other bays and want to stay and have their lunch together- it’s a social activity. Putting a smile on a faces makes it worthwhile as elderly care is about the quality of time we can give to our patients.”

The sessions have a different monthly theme. As well as reminiscence singalongs to a variety of pre-recorded music, they also feature live ukulele and flute performances.

Anna Smith, Community Musician from Musical Moments said: “Our stimulating sessions are designed with musical and physical therapists to provide a unique and engaging experience for patients. We’ve also designed the sessions to involve staff, family members and carers, and its so nice to see so many County staff joining in and smiling.”

“I love coming here to County Hospital, its so welcoming and I really enjoy meeting the different patients each month. My favourite part of the sessions is my flute, I love how everyone enjoys live music in different ways.”

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