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UHNM Charity funded dementia clocks to help improve patient experience on older adult wards

UHNM Charity are delighted to have been able to fund a supply of dementia clocks to the older adult wards at both Royal Stoke and County.

Dementia clocks, also known as memory clocks or day clocks, are specialised timepieces tailored for patients living with dementia. They can help establish routine and provide reminders for meals, medications, and help to prevent delirium and promotes daily engagement. They are great for time orientation and simplifying daily tasks.

Julie Woodworth, Ward Manager on Ward 15 at County said, “patients are always asking what day and what time it is, and they get disorientated easily, therefore the clock being easily visible, bold and colourful really helps to have a positive impact on our patients.”

Chris Poyser, Ward Manager on Ward 76a at Royal Stoke said, "previously we just had standard clocks that patients with dementia and even visibility problems really struggled to see, the new clocks being a lot bigger really help them to see and being a lot more aware of date and time and their surroundings."

"UHNM Charity very kindly supported us with purchasing the clocks and we are extremely grateful for their support and helping us making a difference to our patients."

These clocks are invaluable tools for enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with dementia and equipment like this at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust are only made possible thanks to your incredible support.

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