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Tracy's 268 Pennine Trek for UHNM

Tracy Latham has completed her epic 268-mile Pennine Way hike for UHNM Charity.

Tracy, a vet from Leek, spent eight days hiking the length of the Pennies to thank UHNM’s Spinal team for providing care to her mum Helena who suffers from major back problems.

Tracy would start her walks at 4am and cover up to a massive 40 miles in a day.

She said: “On the second day I thought I couldn’t do it, but the thought of mum spurred me on. Overall the weather was on my side, however I did once find myself wading through rushes and reeds in the wind and rain. I’d often be walking in the dark reliant on my GPS with sheep’s eyes reflecting in my torch knowing there was a hill ahead of me somewhere.”

Mum Helena followed Tracy along the route by car and was there when she crossed the finish line at The Old Nags Head in Edale.

“My mum exceeded all expectations. Despite not having a clue on sat navs or maps, she did brilliantly following me all the way in the car. Highlights of the hike include Malham Cove, Cauldrons Snout and High Cup Nick."

"Everyone at UHNM has been absolutely amazing and I did this challenge to raise funds as our way of saying thank you to our amazing NHS and giving back something for all that they have done for Mum.”

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