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Team UHNM put their best foot forward for sepsis prevention

Staff from across UHNM laced up their trainers at the Trentham Gardens Parkrun over the weekend in an effort to increase awareness of sepsis prevention and to raise funds for UHNM Charity.

Dr Ram Matsa, Clinical Lead for Sepsis and Critical Consultant, Haidee Sim, Senior Sister in Infection Prevention, Dr Andrew Bennett, Specialist Doctor in Emergency Medicine, Lisa Lomas, Assistant Nurse in Sepsis Prevention, and Amanda Wise, Sepsis

Specialist Nurse, and other colleagues took part in the morning’s 5k run before spending the day raising awareness of sepsis with visitors to the gardens. 

Amanda Wise, Sepsis Specialist Nurse said: “All of us had a really enjoyable day both fundraising for UHNM Charity and raising awareness of sepsis in the local community. Team Sepsis at UHNM is committed to preventing sepsis and saving lives and decided to join in the Parkrun as a way of creating awareness of the dangers of sepsis and educating the public and wider community on its impact.”

“Sepsis is caused by the body’s abnormal response to an infection. Normally our immune system protects us from infection however with sepsis the immune system goes into overdrive and has an extreme response to infection. Each year more than 200,000 people are admitted to hospital. It’s vital that people in the community recognises sepsis and knows when to seek medical advice.”

“Sepsis is not always easy to spot and can be mistaken for other conditions such as flu, so it’s vital to know what to look out for to ensure early intervention. For adults, symptoms include slurred speech, shivering, breathless, mottled or discoloured skin and for children, symptoms can be difficulty breathing, a rash that doesn’t fade, lethargic and cold to touch.”

The team was also joined by patient Julie Gimblett, who spent 65 days in an induced coma after contracting Sepsis in late 2015.

The run has so far raised over £600 for sepsis prevention at UHNM. Donations can still be made here.

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