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Specialist chair improves comfort of Parkinson's patients

The comfort of elderly patients suffering from Parkinson’s has been improved thanks to UHNM Charity and its supporters.

Thanks to a UHNM Charity grant, Ward 76a at Royal Stoke has been able to purchase a special Albany recliner chair.

The chair has a range of features aimed at improving comfort and stability of patients.

Sharon Thomas is Housekeeper and Healthcare Assistant who’s been looking after UHNM’s more senior patients for 17 and a half years.

She said: “Our ward cares for patients suffering from Parkinson’s but also dementia who can become a bit restless whilst in their beds. We try to get them out of bed as much as possible as this boosts their mobility and recovery. Prior to this chair’s arrival we used other recliners which weren’t very practical or comfortable and more importantly didn’t provide the necessary support to patients whose conditions mean they can become quite jerky.”

“However this new chair features a range of adjustable and attachable padding, especially around the head, which improves both comfort and stability.”

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