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Sian to take on Cardiff Half Marathon in memory of Nan

Join us in saying ‘Pob Iwc’ or good luck to Sian Owens who’s taking on the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday for UHNM Charity!

Sian is running her hometown half marathon in memory of her Nan who received end of life care at UHNM.

She said: “My Nan passed away on Christmas Eve 2019. It was very sudden and very unexpected and was the worst Christmas understandably. Her care was palliative for around 10 hours and the team that took care of us all at the Royal Stoke were so good.”

“My Nan was an incredible woman, she raised us with love and I miss her terribly. I was asked to write some words for her funeral flowers and I couldn't find the words then, and I still struggle now, but I hope she'd be proud of me running a half marathon and raising money for a charity that helped us all.”

“I'm going to donate half of the raised donations to the Palliative Care team at UHNM and the other half I'll be donating to the Head and Neck Cancer teams who have and are looking after my cousin recently. They're doing some fantastic work.”

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