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Shropshire Siblings Raise over £5,000 for Hospital Charity


A pair of Shropshire siblings have created their own fundraising challenge to thank the hospital staff who saved their mum’s life.

Aaliyah and AJ Scott from Telford are walking one mile a day after school during March to raise funds for the Critical Care Unit at the Royal Stoke University Hospital who cared for mum Emma following a brain infection.The siblings are being joined by friend McCartney and mum Charlene.

“In November 2019 our family life changed forever. Emma began suffering with headaches quite severely and then suddenly collapsed." - Dad Alex

She was transferred to Royal Stoke’s specialist Head Injuries Unit for emergency surgery and was then admitted to Critical Care. Upon leaving the unit, Emma then spent a considerable time on wards 227 and 228. Today she lives in nursing care sheltered accommodation which is close to the hospital, as she still needs 24 hour care.”
This has been difficult for the whole family, but especially for Aaliyah, eight, and AJ, five, who haven’t seen their mum for over 12 months due to Covid-19 visiting restrictions and a 60-mile round trip to the hospital.

Aaliyah said: “Me and my brother have not been able to see mommy since she went to the Royal Stoke Hospital, because the world has a virus called Coronavirus. We miss our beautiful mommy every day, and every day I want to be with her. We phone her every day and night. I love I can see and speak to her when we call her. Not having her home has been sad, but I’m thankful and happy that Royal Stoke hospital saved our mommy’s life.”

“Mommy will always need people to look after her because her brain will always be poorly and she won’t act like mommy did before she became ill. One day mommy will come home and me and my brother will look after her with daddy because we love her so much.”

Alex added: “I am incredibly proud of our two children and thankful for the friends and family who are giving them so much support. Emma, a teaching assistant, is loved by everyone that knows her. People have been so helpful looking after Aaliyah and AJ."

That’s why, with their dad’s help, the pair have decided to fundraise for UHNM Charity and the Critical Care team. Their walking challenge is due to finish on 30 March, which is Aaliyah’s 9th birthday.
She said: “We want them to be able to save other mommy’s like ours and other people’s lives too. We want to say thank you to them for saving our mommy and looking after her. Our mommy is the bravest strongest mommy in the world, and I hope she is proud of me and my brother AJ. We love our mommy loads.”

The family have a target of £10,000 that they would like to raise. Please support their fundraising here.

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