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Sarah's 168-mile Walking Challenge to Thank UHNM Staff

A courageous Stoke-on-Trent fundraiser is undertaking a 168-mile walking challenge a year after suffering a serious riding injury.

Sarah Washington spent 168 days in hospital after suffering serious head injuries whilst out riding with a friend.

Now she’s hoping to raise thousands for our Critical Care Unit and Acute Rehabilitation Trauma Unit (ARTU) who cared for her.

Sarah told us: “Horses and riding have always been my absolute passion, but last year aged 22 I had a very serious accident whilst out riding. My head took the impact and I was then dragged along by the horse.”

“I was taken to Royal Stoke where I received the most incredible care and treatment which definitely saved my life. I spent about a month in Critical Care in an induced coma. Of course I don’t remember any of this, but I know I had the very best care from such amazing doctors and nurses. I then moved to a super ward called ARTU who were incredible and helped me in so many ways to get my life back.”

“I got to know the staff who were working incredibly hard during the pandemic. They tried extra hard to keep me in touch with family via video calls due to restricted visiting. It was really good to have received therapy on the ward which defiantly helped speed up my recovery, my parents said it was incredible.”

"I was discharged from hospital in December, and against all the odds I am now back living a completely normal life. I am very happy to say I am also back doing what I love most, riding and being with the horses!"

“I am going to be walking 168 miles over the next 6 months. I plan to do this with lots of different people who were involved in my journey and recovery. I have set my target to raise £1680, as this is £10 for every day I was in hospital. Any donations will be appreciated so much!”

Help Sarah reach her fundraising target by donating online here.

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