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Radiographers set to 'Battle Cancer' in gruelling fitness challenge

In just one month’s time, members of University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust's Radiotherapy Department will push their physical capabilities to the limit by competing in the Battle Cancer crossfit-style competition in Manchester.

Ben Hubbard, Therapeutic Radiographer and Practice Educator at UHNM said: “We all like competition being a sporty group of staff, and what we really wanted to do is fundraise through our love of exercise for the Radiotherapy Department, and what better way than something that’s healthy and can enthuse other people to get involved in exercise too.”

“With one in two of us being diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, and approximately half of those of those with cancer receiving radiotherapy treatment, we can improve the care and experience of a massive amount of the local population. Over 1,200 people have received treatment already this year.”

“We are looking to raise funds to provide radiotherapy equipment for this all important service to help continually improve the experience, treatment and support the patients receive within UHNM.”

Ben and the team are no strangers to testing themselves, having previously raising over £4,500 for the Radiotherapy Department by completing the Yorkshire Tree Peaks Challenge in 2019.

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