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Pedal power for Peter as he starts 70th birthday challenge

The number 70 is significant for Peter Seedhouse this year as he takes on an incredible fundraising challenge for UHNM's Critical Care Unit.

To mark his 70th birthday, Peter is doing 70 cycle rides, each 70k or more, all adding up to at least 70,000ft worth of climbing, and all within 12 months.

That works out to nearly 3,000 miles- the distance from cycling from the Royal Stoke across the Atlantic ocean to Canada.

And 70,000ft works out about the same as cycling up Mt Everest two and a half times.

Peter who’s from Tamworth said: "My son was involved in a major accident in 2019 and his life was saved by the Critical Care Unit. When it happened it was so traumatic for us- we were told Daniel wouldn’t live. And even if he did live he would be brain damaged."

"But with the care we received from UHNM, he did live, we’re through it and we’re now four years down the line and he’s doing the best he can considering the circumstances of what happened to him."

"The 24/7 care that Daniel had whilst in the Critical Care Unit was fantastic. The staff tired everything with him to try and get him recovered as quickly and much as possible. Unfortunately the injuries that he sustained were that great he’ll be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but he’s got a life and its with his family."

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