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Patients admitted to Royal Stoke University Hospital will have their inpatient stay enhanced by brand new multi-adjust chairs funded by UHNM Charity

Patients to Ward 225, an orthopaedic ward,  will now be able to spend more time sitting out of bed and getting up and active. 

Charlene Lawrence-Douglas, Advanced Occupational Therapist, said "We have a lot of patients with complex needs who need specialists seating and before we received charity funding for the chairs, we had to use other methods such as extra cushions, to ensure that our patients were comfortable.

“There are so many benefits of the new multi-adjust chairs. They enable more patients to sit out of bed for extended periods of time, they help reduce deconditioning by getting patients up and active, as well as spending time in the day room which is very beneficial when patients suffer with delirium or dementia. There are also the benefits of improved infection prevention due to the chairs being easier to wipe and clean."

Steve Rushton, Head of UHNM Charity, said: “Time spent out of bed and in community rooms such as day rooms is extremely important to prevent deconditioning and enhance recovery. Thanks to our amazing supporters we were delighted to fund the purchase of the mutli- adjust chairs, helping to provide that extra bit of comfort to our inpatients and giving them more opportunities to get up and about.”

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