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Patient Transfer Bag Improves Care of Critically-Ill Patients

When providing emergency care to critically-ill patients every second counts.

That’s why we were delighted to support our Critical Care Unit with the purchase of a specially-designed patient transfer bag.

The bag allows staff to quickly access the necessary potentially life-saving equipment when needed during the movement of patients.

Sarah Mann, senior nurse for quality in cardiothoracic critical care said: “We often transfer critically-ill patients for CT and MRI scans or other departments at UHNM, or even to other hospitals, and emergencies can happen along the way."

"This new UHNM Charity-funded patient transfer bag replaces our previous bag which didn’t have as much of a systematic approach to it, and was hard to navigate and time consuming which potentially delayed care for patients."

"Each department in the new bag has everything you need, at the right time. Being able to quickly access a specific piece of necessary equipment when time is critical is invaluable. It allows us to do our jobs more effectively which could potentially save a life.”   


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