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Patient experience for both children and adults is further improved thanks to UHNM Charity

Patients to the Fracture Clinic at Royal Stoke University Hospital will have an improved and less stressful experience thanks to UHNM Charity.

A new and improved Clean Cast Saw is now being used in the clinic, taking the anxiety out of having plaster casts removed.

Dawn Barker, Fracture Clinic Senior Sister said: “We reached out to UHNM Charity to help the clinic to fund the purchase of the new saw for the plaster room, which we felt would be of value to our patients and help them to feel more at ease.

“This new piece of equipment is a lot quieter than previous, therefore it will benefit both adults and children, especially children who have a nervousness about having a cast taken off due to the noise and vibration of the saws.”

Tracy Sproson, Fracture Clinic Plaster Technician said “As well as being smoother to use, the new equipment is a lot easier to transport to the wards, so this benefits both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital.”

Steve Rushton, Head of UHNM Charity said: “Attending Fracture Clinic for the removal of a cast can be a stressful  and nerve-wracking experience for patients. But thanks to our amazing supporters we were delighted to fund the purchase of this Clean Cast Saw, helping to improve the experience of patients young and old.”

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