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Patient Entertainment Helps Improve Renal Patient's Experience

Patients on dialysis can spend three or four hours at a time receiving treatment. That’s why we were delighted to support the Renal Unit at County Hospital in purchasing a number of portable DVD players.

And from Game of Thrones to Only Fools and Horses, the Greatest Showman to Singing in the Rain, we’ve also funded a pile of DVD’s for everybody’s taste!

Emily Harvey, Ward Manager said: “Thanks to UHNM Charity supporters, our patients can now escape the clinical setting of the Kidney Unit by immersing themselves in a good film or TV series. We’re grateful to UHNM Charity for helping to improve the hospital experience of our patients who spend a considerable amount of time each week in our care.”

UHNM Charity has also funded free patient entertainment at Royal Stoke and County hospitals. Anybody with a smartphone or tablet can connect via Wi-Fi to dozens of free TV and radio channels and newspapers and magazines.

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