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Nine-year-old raises hundreds for UHNM Research in memory of godmother

A nine-year-old who lost his godmother to cancer has swam more than 1,500m to raise funds for UHNM Charity- a day before what would have been her 50th birthday.

Laurens Rampling, from Caverswall, is raising money for NHS Cancer Research at UHNM. His godmother Tracey received treatment at the Cancer Centre.

Laurens set himself the challenge to swim more than 1.5k with a target of £50.

After completing his final length at South Moorlands Leisure Centre in Cheadle he had raised over £1,100.

Laurens said: "My godmother was the best ever. She was the kindest, fun loving and most caring person I have known. Never blessed with her own children, she would devote her life being my godmother and that of others and in helping children and young people in need."

"Sadly just over two years ago, she became very ill and soon after past away from cancer. She left me too soon."

"This year would have been her 50th birthday. Sadly I cannot celebrate this with her, so instead I want to do something that I know she will love."

"Swimming was one her favourite sports, so I have decided that I was going to do a 50 Lengths Swimming Challenge!"

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