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New patient information videos improve experience of colorectal surgery

The experience of people requiring colorectal surgery at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) has been improved thanks to a donation from a former cancer patient.

Following treatment for bowel cancer in 2018, Adam Parry from Gnosall near Stafford, donated £10,000 to UHNM Charity for the benefit of other patients requiring colorectal surgery.

The money has been used to create a series of patient information videos showcasing what to expect when receiving treatment for colorectal cancer.

Adam, 34, said: “I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour that that needed operating on within a matter of days. The staff at UHNM, from surgeons to administrators, went above and beyond with what was a tricky process and required further follow-on treatment for a year.

“Having seen others less fortunate than myself, I wanted to do something to help fellow patients, so I decided to donate the money received through a works initiative to UHNM Charity.

“During my treatment I was given lots of literature to read about various things, and thought there must be something better than all this paper. So I thought of suggesting a series of videos detailing different stages of the cancer pathway and covering key questions that the team gets asked a lot.

The nine videos detail different stages of cancer pathway, from diagnosis and pre-assessment to attending theatre and follow-up care.

Adam added: “I think they’re good videos and lets you know what to expect during your procedure.”

The videos are easily accessible to all patients to view on the Colorectal Surgery section of the UHNM website.

Dorothy Munyanyi, Macmillan Lead Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist at UHNM said: “We’re incredibly grateful to Adam for his kind donation to our service. Attending hospital for treatment for cancer and other bowel conditions is a daunting and stressful experience, but we hope these new videos will help our patients better understand the care and procedures that take place.”

Click here to watch the videos on the UHNM Website. 

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