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Neonatal sleeper chairs improve experience and comfort of new parents

Your amazing fundraising and kind donations has helped improve the experience and comfort of families on our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

It’s thanks to you that we’ve been able to purchase 10 brand-new sleeper chairs so parents can stay longer by their baby’s bedside.

Julia Wilkinson, Ward Manager on NICU said: “The Unit currently only has a limited number of overnight rooms, so parents were having to sleep on older fold-out beds, chairs or they might even decide to go home for the night.”

“These new sleeper chairs support our family integrated care model, working in partnership with families to encourage them to stay by the bedside and take care of their babies. This approach has always been a key part of our care, but previous facilities were uncomfortable following child birth. Parents can also make use of the on-site facilities such as shower and breastfeeding rooms, encouraging them to stay and bond with their babies.”

Stuart Hobin, Director of Croyde Medical who manufactured the chairs said: "We were delighted to supply the Croyde Sleeper Chairs and play our part in helping parents stay close to their babies in hospital. Having access to a comfortable chair/bed that also has the convenience of USB charging, makes things so much easier when parents need to be accommodated on the ward."

This isn’t the first time UHNM Charity has supported maternity services at UHNM this year, in February we purchased Equipment including breast pumps, sterilisers and recliner chairs to help improve the experience of breastfeeding mums.

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