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Mum of three to tackle Snowdon to raise NICU funds

Together with family, friends and UHNM colleagues, Tamsin Evans-Cliffe will be climbing over 1,000m (or 3,500ft) to the top of Snowdon on Saturday to raise funds to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal Stoke.

Tamsin (third left), who’s from Chell and is Deputy Directorate Manager at UHNM’s Heart Centre, credits the staff on the Unit for saving the lives of all three of her children.

She said: “All three of our wonderful children have received world class care and depended upon the specialist equipment in UHNM’s Neonatal Unit. They were able to benefit from the specialist equipment and staff expertise available and this has undoubtedly allowed them to lead the healthy lives they have today.”

Twin daughters Rosa and Philippa, aged five, both spent 2 and a half weeks in NICU whilst 18 month-old William was ventilated for a week at just four hours old as he battled sepsis.

“The care at NICU is absolutely second to none, wonderful. We don’t realise how lucky we are to have it in our locality because some families have to travel further distances to Manchester or Birmingham. So this is our way as a family of giving back because all three of my children won’t be here if it wasn’t for the Unit. As parents, we were able to utilise the family rooms, never having to leave NICU during those critical hours.”

Tamsin will be accompanied by friend Kathryn Kelter, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Directorate Manager at UHNM whose own son Miles spent a month on the Unit after being born after 32 weeks.

“In total 22 of us will be going up, we’re all amateurs with the eldest being 65. I’ve never climbed a mountain or peak before and have been getting ready by doing a number of extended walks around the local area, and having three young children also keeps me active.”

“It had to be a challenge and something out of our comfort zone to do the Unit justice and reflect how we feel about it. Our aim is to raise funds for NICU so it can continue to deliver the outstanding care and help future families who will depend upon them.”

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