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Major Rob's Fundraising Run for UHNM

A former army major is running the distance from the scene of his cycling accident to the Royal Stoke to thank the UHNM staff who helped him with his recovery.

Major Rob Shenton will set off from Biddulph and run the 11 miles to pay tribute to staff on Ward 227 and UHNM’s Therapies Department.

After being in the armed forces for 25 years and serving on missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Island and Afghanistan, Rob turned to fitness to help with his mental health and wellbeing but was involved in a cycling accident last August.

Rob said: “I was out riding on my bike when I lost control and banged my head on a tree. The result of this was I fractured my lower skull and my left shoulder socket. However, I also broke my neck and back- six vertebrae. It has been difficult recovery, and I now have fixations in my neck and back, I have lost a lot of movement in my neck and have lost about 35% mobility of my spine. But I am very lucky as I am able to move all my limbs and most importantly, I am alive.”

“My recovery has been very good thanks to the UHNM staff who were brilliant. From cleaners to nurses, I’ll always remember the small acts of kindness from helping me to eat to brushing my hair. I’m also very grateful to the Therapy team who got me jogging again after just two months.”

An ultra-marathon runner Rob has previously completed three of the toughest races in the world- the Marathon Des Sables, Everest Marathon and North Pole Marathon. He’s also raised funds for cancer services at UHNM in memory of his father.

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