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Local school help cancer patients with gift bags

Children from Faber Catholic primary school recently visited chemotherapy patients at the Royal Stoke’s Cancer Centre to deliver gift bags to the patients.

The school children and their families had collected an assortment of goodies and treats for patients to enjoy.

“We thought lip balm might be helpful and there’s a book in my bag for someone to enjoy because I know chemotherapy can sometimes mean sitting down for hours and hours”, said one of the pupils.

Another commented that: “When we first arrived it was quiet on the ward, and some people looked a bit sleepy or sad. I was surprised to see that there were so many people needing to be treated for cancer. When they saw us giving out our bags they were excited and happy - I loved seeing lots of smiles.”

One of the young pupils explained what it had meant to them, saying: “I hoped to help the patients feel a little bit better or happier. I didn’t expect that giving the gift bags would make me feel so happy and good about myself. I’m proud of what our school has done to make a little difference to people on a tough day and to show care and love to others.”

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