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Local primary school shows support for cancer patients

We were delighted to welcome pupils and staff from St Giles’ Catholic Primary school in Cheadle to the Royal Stoke’s Cancer Centre who donated a number of ‘relaxation bags’ for our patients.

Mrs Amanda Gordon Clerical Assistant said: “Children have been focusing on ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’- connect, take notice, be active, give and learn. The focus of their Wellbeing Day on Tuesday 21 March was ‘giving’. The children donated handpicked items for patients being treated for cancer at UHNM.”

“Each bag was filled with items selected by the children and we as a school were astounded by the support received from parents and children. The children were really excited to come down and thanks to everyone for being so welcoming.”

“We were absolutely blown away to receive the below email this afternoon from the relative of a patient gifted one of the bags:

I just wanted to contact you and your pupils to let you know what a big difference you made to others today, with your thoughtful, compassionate, beautiful gesture and gift.

My brother was on the cancer ward receiving chemotherapy today and received his inspiring and genuinely beautiful gift. We have all been moved to tears by this kindness and rekindled our spark of hope & we will certainly be looking out for and believing on those rainbows.

'God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each one of us - in the dreariest and most dreaded moments - can see a possibility of hope.'

What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you St Giles.

Tracy Bullock, UHNM Chief Executive added: “I am thrilled our relationships with our local schools and communities are able to deliver such a great boost for our patients when they are at their most vulnerable.”

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