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Lee's Thank You Climb for Children's Services

To thank the UHNM staff on Ward 217 who provided care to daughter Autumn, Lee Walters from Hixon near Stafford climbed Snowdon.

Lee said: “As parents, the last thing you ever want to see is your children in any pain or distress so we were living in our own worst nightmare.”

“The nurses and consultants on Ward 217 at Royal Stoke have been remarkable, making those hours much easier and making us feel more at home. With the hours being restricted and only allowing one visitor due to Covid, it meant having that support from them meant more than ever."

"The nurses have been not only supportive to Autumn but also to her mum and we will be forever grateful for that. We still have lots of upcoming appointments, tests and surgery but cannot thank them from the bottom of our hearts for everything and for the continued support.”

“NHS you have been superb, and despite a pandemic, you still remain committed and compassionate throughout and we would like to give a little something back. You really truly never know when you will need your NHS. Your children, relative’s children or friend’s children will all need some kind of support at some point from our local hospitals and we would love to give something back to them.”

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