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Keep Stoke Smiling Campaign Wins Best Charity Initiative

UHNM Charity is thrilled to announce that the Keep Stoke Smiling campaign has won the prestigious Best Outreach or Charity Initiative at The Probe Dental Awards 2024. This accolade is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in the campaign, which has made a significant impact on the oral health of the Staffordshire community.

Originally conceived in 2018, Keep Stoke Smiling aims to improve oral health awareness and habits across Staffordshire. The campaign has reached diverse segments of the community, targeting those in need as well as the broader population. By providing education and resources, Keep Stoke Smiling has helped individuals of all ages adopt better oral hygiene practices, resulting in a noticeable improvement in community health.

The judges at The Probe Dental Awards praised the campaign, stating, "The judges described the Keep Stoke Smiling outreach campaign as a breath of fresh air. Originally conceived in 2018, they not only target an audience in need, but reach an entire community in all its diversities, whether vulnerable or otherwise. Continually promoting the importance of good oral health, a real benefit has been achieved in both changing habits and increased awareness."

Steve Rushton, Head of UHNM Charity, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the award. He said, "We are incredibly honoured to receive this recognition from The Probe Dental Awards. The success of Keep Stoke Smiling is a reflection of the collective efforts of our dedicated team, volunteers, and community partners. This award inspires us to continue our mission of improving oral health and well-being across Staffordshire. We are committed to reaching even more people and making a lasting impact on their lives."

This award highlights the importance of community-focused health initiatives and reinforces UHNM Charity's commitment to improving health and well-being. Keep Stoke Smiling has been instrumental in organising free dental check-ups, distributing oral hygiene kits, and conducting workshops in schools and community centres. These efforts have not only educated the public on the importance of oral health but also provided practical tools to maintain it.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters, partners, and volunteers who have contributed to the success of Keep Stoke Smiling. Their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm have been crucial in achieving this recognition. Together, we are making a lasting difference in our community's health, one smile at a time.

As we celebrate this achievement, UHNM Charity remains dedicated to expanding the reach of Keep Stoke Smiling and continuing to promote the importance of good oral health practices throughout Staffordshire.

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