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Kate's donation in memory of late husband helps improve cancer service experience

The care and experience of cancer patients at UHNM will be further improved thanks to a local dance troupe. 

Members of the Mid Cheshire Independent Adjudicating Panel (MCIAP) raised £1,000 for UHNM Charity.

The donation was made possible thanks to Kate Fox from Bucknall whose granddaughters are part of the organisation.

Kate said: “I wanted to make this donation to Dr Jegannathen and the team at UHNM’s Cancer Centre in recognition of the care my late husband Michael received for five years for lung cancer. It feels sad to be returning here today, the memories never leave you, but I’m very glad to be handing this cheque over.”

Dr Apurna Jegannathen, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at UHNM said: ““We were incredibly fond of Michael and his fantastic family. We will make sure that this donation will be put towards improvements to cancer patient’s care and experience, as well as research, and he will live on through this.”

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