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June takes UHNM Charity to new heights with skydive

Amazing June Jackson has completed a fundraising skydive to raise funds for UHNM Charity!

June who’s from Macclesfield braved her jump to say thank you to staff on our cardiology ward.

She said: “In Spring 2019 I became poorly with sickness, weight loss and constant coughing and breathing difficulties. It was destroying my mental and physical health. Normally fit and active, I was devastated when suddenly in January 2020 after returning from a walk and becoming short of breath, I was admitted to hospital by ambulance.2

“An infection had damaged two heart valves resulting in cardiac arrest. Arrangements were made immediately for me to have surgery at UHNM to repair and replace the damaged valves.”

“This coincided with the biggest challenge our NHS has witnessed- covid. As I arrived at Royal Stoke in April 2020, I was informed to enter the building alone, as lockdown had just commenced.”

“My surgery was successful, and the care I received during my stay was brilliant. Despite the tough times being faced by all, the staff truly went above and beyond. This skydive was my way of saying thank you.”

Her jump has so far raised over £1,200.

Donations can still be made here.

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