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Join us in walking 'Around the World' this July!

Research has shown that during a stay in hospital between 30% and 55% of older patients show a decline in the ability to perform routine activities such as bathing, getting dressed and going to the toilet. These changes can lead to a loss of independence and the need for residential care.
We're inviting you to join us on our journey around the world. Walk, run, cycle, row, dance, or skip… however you’d like to get active, we invite you to get sponsored and let us know how far you travelled, all while raising money for UHNM Charity. Starting on Thursday 4 July and finishing on Thursday 11 July the sponsored event will co-inside with the Global #endpjparalysis summit.
You can find more details, and get your sponsorship form here:

Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle

Fundraise Now!

Are you interested in raising money for the charity and need to know what your next steps are?

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