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Jase's 50th Birthday Gym Challenge

Following on from their support with our ‘Christmas is for Everyone’ appeal, Funky Fillerz takeaway in Werrington are taking on another challenge in aid of UHNM Charity. 

As part of owner Jase Edwards' 50th Birthday, he is taking on 'Funky Fillerz 50', a gym challenge based around the number 50 to raise funds for our work and awareness of mental health.

Jase will be taking on the challenge at Woody's Gym in Hanley. 

The challenge, designed to be a test of fitness, endurance and mentality involves:

  • 50 minutes on stair master
  • 11x 50 reps of various presses, curls, deadlifts and pushes 
  • 50 minutes on the ski machine 
  • (Repeat the circuit)
  • 50 minutes on the air bike
  • (Repeat the circuit)
  • Finish with 50 minutes back on the stair master 

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