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Isaac's bloomin' marvellous fundraising for children's hospital

We were thrilled to welcome superstar fundraiser Isaac Rotherham to Staffordshire Children's Hospital at Royal Stoke to present his cheque of £239.39 raised through the sale of hanging baskets and a non-school uniform day.

Mum Gemma said: “It started as a family day out to the zoo, but as soon as we got home and walked back through the door at home he stopped breathing and it progressed rapidly from there. He was rushed into Critical Care with strep and sepsis and whilst in there they found out he’d got a liver condition.”

“The fundraising started this year to mark 10 years since he was admitted with Isaac making and selling hanging baskets he’d made himself to his family, friends at school and whoever he could sell them too! He’s also raised funds through a non-uniform day at school based on superheroes. “

“I’m proud of all four of my boys but I think Isaac with everything he’s been through makes us proud every time he achieves something else.”

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