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Improved Visibility for Chaplaincy thanks to Charity Support

UHNM Charity was delighted to support UHNM's Chaplaincy team in improving their visibility and profile across the Trust through the purchase of new promotional materials including t-shirts and table cloths.

This new gear was debuted at a special awareness raising event at the Royal Stoke today to showcase the work they do and engage with both staff and members of the public.

Community art, live music and presentations on the work of the chaplains and volunteers were on offer.

Christine Wright, Head of Chaplaincy said: “Today’s been a really important day because it’s given us an opportunity to talk to both staff and public to find out what they know about the Chaplaincy Service here at UHNM."

"Thank you to UHNM Charity for their continued support of our vital service here at UHNM."

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