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Howzat! Fundraising UHNM vs GP Cricket Match for Critical Care Rehab Garden and Increase Sepsis and Covid Awareness


A fundraising cricket match between University Hospitals of North Midlands and North Staffordshire GPs is hoping to raise awareness of the effects of long-covid and sepsis.   

The annual showdown between consultants from Royal Stoke University Hospital and the North Staffordshire GP Federation is taking place at Hanford Cricket Club on Monday 31 May.

Funds raised will support UHNM’s sepsis initiatives and the rehabilitation of patients in the Royal Stoke’s Critical Care Unit.

Dr Ram Matsa, Consultant in Acute Medicine and Critical Care and Lead for Sepsis and Critical Care Rehabilitation at UHNM said: “When we conducted our pilot Critical Care Covid-19 follow up clinic we saw many patients who still needed on-going care and support six months after their discharge from hospital due to long-covid. Unfortunately there is little awareness of the significant issues these patients still have and the considerable rehabilitation required to optimise their recovery.

“We want to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the complexity of these patients’ needs alongside our GP partners who are providing excellent care and support in the community, so that patients and their families know where they can access additional support.”   

Jo Steele, Critical Care Rehabilitation Coordinator ,said: “UHNM Charity has invested considerable funds to create a wonderful, therapeutic space for critically ill patients through a Critical Care Rehabilitation Garden. Money raised from the match will go towards providing necessary equipment so that patients and their families can safely relax and enjoy being outdoors and away from the stresses of a busy Critical Care Unit.”

“The Critical Care Rehabilitation Garden will be used to support the recovery of patients experiencing delirium as well as the effects of a prolonged stay in critical care which can impact their physical and psychological health.”

Dr Annamalai Veerappan, Clinical Director and Chair of the North Staffordshire GP Federation, said: “Our GP team play on our local ground in Hanford and challenge our consultant counterparts to a game annually. This year we decided the game should be used to raise awareness of both sepsis and long-covid post critical illness.

“The topics of long-covid and sepsis are both very common but equally important. Raising awareness of these issues is extremely important as the GPs and all of those working for the NHS have worked really hard during the pandemic and we are hoping that the event will be fun as well as informative.”

Dr Veerappan added: “There’s always a healthy sporting rivalry between the UHNM consultants and local GPs. The consultants were victorious last year, so us GPs will want to take revenge this time.”

Dr Vishnu Machineni, Consultant Anaesthetist and captain of the UHNM consultant team, added: “Such sporting events increase awareness of sepsis and covid illness alongside developing good networking opportunity between consultants and GPs.”

“We would like to thank Mr Derek Adams, the chairman of the Hanford Cricket Club for supporting the cause and permitting us to use the facilities on the day.”    

Donations towards the match can be made here. 

If you would like to fundraise for UHNM Charity visit for more information, or call 01782 676444 to speak to one of the UHNM Charity team.

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