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High school students deliver 'Hug in a Bag' packages

UHNM Charity was delighted to welcome back Year 9 students from Blythe Bridge High School to drop off even more amazing ‘Hug in a Bag’ care packages to Royal Stoke’s Older Adults wards.

The packages contain items to improve the hospital stays of patients such as toiletries, puzzles and sweet treats and were the idea of teacher Laura Pheasey following a stay in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

 As well as delivering the packages to patients in person, the students were able to find out more about how the wards are run, and how UHNM Charity-funded projects have helped make a difference to patient care and experience.

They also donated a cheque of £1,080.91 for the Older Adults wards raised through an afternoon tea, disco and raffle in school.

In an upcoming first for UHNM made possible thanks to the efforts of our Volunteers, Patient Experience and PALS teams, we're delighted the students will be returning to the wards on a voluntary basis over the coming weeks to help support staff with patient care and experience.

Teacher Laura Pheasey said: “We have absolutely loved the opportunity to deliver the Hug in a Bag packages in person and see the impact it’s had on patients. It has been the most powerful, inspiring and humbling opportunity and the students are so grateful for this.”

“Our fundraising has gone really well, as a school everybody is so involved with this and so on board it’s great. Money raised has bought items for bags and rest donated to the wards.”

13-year-old Lewis was one of the students delivering packages.

He said: “If today was down to one word it would be heart-warming. Usually hospital stays could be quite bad and boring but this will hopefully improve it. It’s like an early Christmas present for them and making people’s days better.”

“There’s a lot of support throughout the school. We had a disco which we all enjoyed and the afternoon tea was quite good as well!” 

Jane Havard, Senior Sister for Ward 80 said: “I think today has been wonderful. As they’ve walked around you can see the patients warming to having younger people on the wards. It’s brought tears to the eyes of some of them, as it shows people care and think of them. It’s great to see people of this age group care for older members of the community.”

Amanda Jayne Woolley, Lead Diversional Therapist for Ward 81 added: “Today has given me goosebumps. Some of our patients can get quite lonely but they’ve loved seeing the young people today and you can’t put a price on seeing the smiles on their faces, we’re all so grateful.”

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