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Fundraising UHNM staff complete Stafford Half Marathon

Congratulations to Matthew Lewis and Deb Alder who both successfully completed the Stafford Half Marathon for UHNM Charity.

What's more, they both completed the 13.1-mile course in less than two hours!

Matthew Lewis, Medical Director said: "I couldn't of asked for better weather on the start line. I'm very proud and relieved to have finished in a time of 1 hour 57 minutes. Thank you to everybody who has contributed."

Deb Alder, Lead for Ophthalmology in Theatres 6-10 said: "I'm so pleased to have done my first half marathon in a time of 1 hour 58 minutes. Thanks to everybody's help and support in aid of Theatres 6-10."

Donate to Matthew here

Donate to Deb here 

Have Matthew and Deb inspired you to lace up your trainers for UHNM Charity? You can run the Potters Arf Marathon for FREE when you commit to raising £100 for us! Give our team a call on 01782 676444 or email for more details.

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