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Family Return to Royal Stoke to thank Staff for Care

A Stafford family have returned to Royal Stoke to thank the nurses, doctors and consultants for their care and present a cheque to UHNM Charity for almost £5,000.

Rachel Kitson ran the Manchester Marathon in aid of the Children’s Intensive Care Unit (CICU) to thank them for care given to so Ethan following a severe asthma attack in October 2020.

It was an emotional return for Rachel and husband Gareth who visited the Unit for the first time since Ethan’s stay along with daughter Frankie.

Rachel said: “In October 2020 we nearly lost our son. A massive asthma attack triggered by a virus too great for his little body to fight and too great for normal treatment to fix nearly took him from us. Ethan spent six days on a ventilator in a medically induced coma, surrounded by machines with lines coming out of every place they could put one to try and save his life. He fought so hard and eventually he won.”

“The team are so incredible. He had around the clock care from the nurses, doctors and consultants who were just amazing and we can’t thank them enough for everything they did. They treated him so beautifully and look at him now. They looked after us so well too. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever been through and we all got looked after so, so well it’s a special place.”

She added: “I had to do something really, really hard, an endurance challenge if that makes sense, nothing would represent what my son achieved and the strength he demonstrated but I wanted something, a challenge that needed commitment, effort and fight to achieve. I know it will be money well spent to improve things for other families.”

The family were greeted by Dr Mark Bebbington, a Consultant Paediatrician who looked after Ethan.

Dr Bebbington said: “We’re very grateful to Rachel and the family. We’re always in need of different things on CICU to help improve the patient care and expeircne, but also to help look after parenst and make things as comfortable as pssible for them. We choose items that make the most difference to as many patients and families as possible.”

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