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Family complete Nantwich 10k in remembrance of Mum

We would like to give a massive thank you to our fundraiser Nicola and her family, who took part in the Nantwich 10k on Sunday 17 March in remembrance of their mum who sadly passed away on Mothering Sunday this year.

Nicole, alongside her husband Gary, her brother Justin and his wife Sam ran the to raise money for Ward 230 at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust who cared for Nicole and Justin’s mum, Sue.

Nicole said “after a long eight-week battle that our mum bravely fought, she passed away peacefully on the morning on Mother’s Day surrounded by her family.

"She will leave an enormous void that will be profoundly felt by all of us and impossible to fill.

"She was our biggest influence and made us the people we are today, she helped us all so much. She taught us to be kind, well mannered, to always help others and to treat people with respect, to work hard and never give up and most of all to look after each other!

"We are truly privileged to call her our Mum.”

Steve Rushton Head of UHNM Charity added: “Congratulations to Nicole, Gary, Justin and Sam for completing the Nantwich 10k in memory of their late mum and mother-in-law, Sue.

"We are extremely grateful for their contributions to UHNM Charity and their fundraising efforts for Ward 230 at UHNM who cared for Sue during her illness.”


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