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Family braves the cold with New Year’s Day dip for Neonatal Unit

The family of a newborn baby who needed the expert care of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) rung in the New Year with a festive fundraising swim.

Whilst many of us were nursing a sore head or dipping into the leftover Christmas chocolates, Diane Evans-Nelmes, Emma Dodd and Jo Mansfield were in Lyme Regis taking part in the annual fancy dress swim raising over £750 for UHNM Charity.

The family from Werrington took a dip in the English Channel to thank staff on NICU for providing care to Diane’s granddaughter Edith, who spent two days on the Unit in October 2023.

Diane said: “It was absolutely beautiful. We were in Lyme Regis to celebrate Edith's aunty Emma’s birthday, so she was dressed as a birthday cake. I was dressed as a butterfly and along with honorary aunty Jo, we joined in with lots of people doing lots of fundraising- the atmosphere was buzzing.”

Emma added: “We all enjoyed taking part in what we called a plunge rather than a swim as the water was so cold, but we still managed to have a dance and do the conga. I’m amazed we raised so much, family and friends have been so generous because we all love Edith and are glad that UHNM were there when we needed them.

Edith's Mum Katie Evans-Nelmes said: “Edith was was quite poorly when she was born via emergency caesarean, having swallowed meconium whilst still in the womb. She needed resuscitating, oxygen and antibiotics and then spent two days in NICU.

“The team were so lovely and kind. One of the nurses really helped me get on my breast-feeding journey, something which I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do following such a traumatic birth. They’re all just amazing people.”

Katie, Emma and Edith returned to NICU to present their cheque to staff.

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