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Emma completes fundraising run 5 years after accident

In July 2017, Emma Mountford’s life changed forever after being hit by a car. She suffered multiple broken bones, liver and nerve damage and was in hospital for five months.

To mark the fifth anniversary of being discharged, and to thank the staff on the Acute Rehabilitation Trauma Unit (ARTU) who helped her in her recovery, Emma completed a 10K run around Trentham Estate on Friday 11 November.

She said: “In July 2017 my life changed forever. Due to the horrific accident I broke multiple bones including my back and pelvis, as well as damage to my liver. Finding out I had permanent nerve damage in my left leg and drop foot wasn’t easy.”

“I was determined to run again, it was one of my main goals, so am running 10k at Trentham Gardens on Friday 11 November, five years since I was discharged from hospital after five months.”

“The amazing staff on this ward started my rehabilitation- they helped me to read, write, talk and walk again. It’s been a long road but I’m now in a position to do this.”

Emma finished her run in a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes- a new personal best.

She added: "It went brilliantly, and I completed it in just over two hours. I ached a lot after it but it was worth it!"


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