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Ella takes to the skies in memory of her Dad

Along with boyfriend Ellis, Ella Bond from Shrewsbury will be bravely taking part in a skydive this weekend to mark the fifth anniversary of the passing of her Dad.

 Ella told us: “He loved riding motorbikes. He was taking part in a race at Oulton Park and unfortunately fell off and injured himself quite badly. He got rushed to the Royal Stoke and received care on the Critical Care Unit, but sadly passed away there the same day.”

“He was such a lovely person. He was a thrill seeker and very spontaneous, so one day I just decided to do a skydive in honor and in memory of him. It’s something that he’d just decide to do one day. He would be crazy about it, but also really proud, I really want to do it for him.”

“It’s brought me such joy seeing how much money we’ve raised so far. I didn’t realise I’d raised so much money already, we’re amazed by it.”

“Although he passed away, the Critical Care Unit did everything they could to save him, and we could not be more thankful for everything they did for him. My family are beyond grateful and it would mean the world for us to give back and donate to the critical care unit in honour of my dad.”

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