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Elderly Care Team Scale New Heights

Staff from UHNM Older Adults are hitting the heights for UHNM Charity and climbing Snowdon. 

Teams from the Frail Elderly Assessment Unit (FEAU), Wards 76a, 76b and 79 will scale the UK’s second highest peak to raise funds to improve patient care and raise the profile of the work of Older Adults.

Gill Turner, Senior Sister on FEAU said: “The idea for our climb came after lockdown. Colleagues wanted to do something together again as a team and seeing as we’d done the climb in the past, we decided to give it another go and this time raise some funds for our patients.”

“We’ll be taking the Llanberis path to the summit and hope to get up and down in approximately six hours- we’re a bit apprehensive as last time we attempted this we were a lot fitter! We wanted to promote Elderly Care are bring us to the fore and put the spotlight on our brilliant and dedicated staff who are passionate about the care we provide.”

The team will be joined on their 3,560ft (1,085m) climb by friends and family.

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