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Eadei's donation helps improve experience of other NICU patients and families

Eadei spent the first few weeks of her life on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal Stoke after being born at 33 weeks weighing 4lbs 14oz- her mum Chloe suffered from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

Wanting to do something to thank the staff on NICU for the care given to Eadei and for looking after Chloe and Eadei’s dad Jay, the family who are from Audley held a birthday collection to raise funds for the Unit.

Chloe said: “Without NICU Eadei wouldn’t of made it. The doctors, nurses and support staff were just so supportive, not only to her but to me but Jay too. It was a very emotional time for us but they put us up in the parent’s rooms and were brilliant. We decided we wanted to give something back for all the babies and families who will come through and to show our appreciation as we will be eternally grateful for everything they’ve done for us.”

“My mum was 60 in July. She’s one of those people who’s a nightmare to buy for so I said to her, why don’t you do a charity fundraiser instead? So we had a little party and rather than presents, family and friends brought in donations for NICU instead. My mum was happy to have her presents donated to a good cause.”

As well as donating funds to UHNM Charity, Chloe and family liaised with staff on the Unit so they could buy items with the most value to patients and their families.

And Eadei herself handed over the donations to Katy Edwards, Unit Manager.

Do you want to thank our amazing UHNM staff for care given to you or a loved one? Please get in touch with us in UHNM Charity first as there are some rules we have to follow when it comes to donating items you have purchased yourself. Click here to find out more.

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