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Drop-in event helps staff eat better during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is underway, with our Muslim colleagues fasting for hours each day.

UHNM Charity has teamed up with members of UHNM’s Chaplaincy team to promote the importance of nutrition and healthy eating during this time.

We were delighted to support the Chaplaincy with a drop-in sessions by funding foods for staff to try after fasting.

Kalsoom Dar, Chaplain at UHNM said: “Based on feedback received from previous years, some of our staff struggle with staying hydrated and getting enough nutrition during Ramadan, and often feel bloated or dehydrated.”

“We decided to hold a drop-in session for UHNM staff and members of the public, based on the nutrition of the Prophet allowing them to discover new ways to eat properly and healthily. One of the nutritions of the Prophet is dates and cucumber and UHNM Charity helped provide these.”

“Sometimes patients ask questions about Ramadan, so if staff are aware then they can use that knowledge to support patients too.”

“The feedback was staff found the session useful, and a simple way of looking into the diet of the Prophet.”

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