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Deputy Ward Manager Focuses on Improving Patient Experience

A Deputy Ward Manager is helping to improve the experience of the patients in his care through his love of photography.

Four of Antonio Ferraro’s photos, showcasing the landscapes of the Peak District, have been proudly displayed in Cardiothoracic Critical Care at the Royal Stoke.

After his talents were spotted by colleagues, Antonio received funding from UHNM Charity so his work could be hung in four patient side rooms.

Antonio, who’s worked at UHNM for nine years, said: “I bought my first DSLR camera when I first qualified as a nurse, but started to take photography more seriously five or six years ago. Living in Leek, I’m privileged to have the Peak District on my doorstep, and I go out and take a lot of landscape photos. Any season there’s a lot of photos to be taken.”

Sarah Mann, Senior Quality Nurse in Cardiothoracic Critical Care, helped Antonio to get his photos on display.

She said: “Our Deputy Matron became aware of Antonio’s photos and asked if we could make use of them for the benefit of patients and staff. Staff in our Pods were asked to choose their favourites out of around 20 of his photos that would go on display in four of our side rooms for our more infectious or long-term patients.

“From a psychological perspective, Critical Care can be very stressful for a patient, and this has an impact on their recovery and can prolong their stay. Studies show that having soothing and calming displays such as this can help with things like delirium, and help improve recovery.”

Deputy Matron Helen Smith said: “It was clear Antonio has a talent as our staff greatly enjoy looking at his work on social media. These pieces are of great benefit to our patients who receive no natural light in these rooms, and they give them a bit of escapism. I’m very proud of Antionio- our staff always go above and beyond for our patients.”

Sarah added: “I’m really chuffed with the photos, they’ve turned out really well. UHNM Charity were very helpful, and with their help we can’t wait to get more up across Critical Care for the benefit of our patients.”

Reflecting on his work, Antonio said: “I’m very proud when I see them. They’re a real talking point, and I often ask for patients opinions on them- the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s very pleasing to see my work appreciated by patients and colleagues and I’m very grateful to Sarah and Helen for their help.”

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