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Cultural Association put their best foot forward for UHNM Charity

Members of the Kerala Cultural Association have stepped up for UHNM Charity and raised over £1,300 to improve patient care and experience at UHNM through a sponsored walk.

Members of the association walked from Trentham Gardens to the Royal Stoke.

James Thomas Mailapparambil, KCA president said: “The Kerala Cultural Association, or KCA, was established in 2004, and is made up of members from a south-Indian state called Kerala. A significant number of nurses from Kerala have migrated to Stoke-on-Trent since the year 2000, leading to the the formation of the KCA. Over the past 20 years we have done a lot of charity work for our local communities including fundraising activities with local businesses and organiastions, community clean-ups and food bank donations.

“This year we thought of doing something different for UHNM, who provide employment to 90% of our members. After meeting with UHNM Charity, we decided to take part in an EPIC Walk from Trentham Gardens to the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Saturday 17 February.”

Abraham Runsmon, Ward Manager on Ward 201 at UHNM and member of the KCA said: “Our aim was to raise £1,000 for UHNM Charity and we are delighted to have exceeded that. The day of the walk was great, it kept dry and everybody involved had fun along the way. Lots of passers by were getting involved and it was a fantastic team effort.

“Many of our members work at UHNM and understand the pressures the organisation is under, so it felt good to be raising funds to help improve patient experience through UHNM Charity.”

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