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Colourful wall murals help improve hospital experience of expectant mums and their loved ones

Expecting mothers and their loved ones can look forward to a brighter and more relaxing birthing experience thanks to hospital charity funding.

Twelve rooms, including delivery rooms, the birthing pool and communal areas at the Midwife Birth Centre (MBC) at the Royal Stoke University Hospital have been given a new lease of life thanks to UHNM Charity funding.

The Centre’s rooms, including four in the Blossom Suite for induced labours, has been transformed using giant wall murals.

The murals feature scenes and landscapes from the natural world. 

 Mandy Alcock, Midwife Birth Centre Manager said: “The improvements made to our delivery rooms, thanks to support from UHNM Charity, will benefit thousands of expectant mothers and their loved ones each year. The murals have changed the whole look and feeling of the rooms, creating a calming and welcoming environment.”

“Before the murals were installed the walls were bare and clinical. Our aim was to create a more homely and relaxing environment for women in labour, through delivery and afterwards. We worked with our own midwives and other staff to choose the images, and I’m so pleased with the results. ”

“The feedback from patients and our staff has been overwhelmingly positive, we’ve had lots of comments on how nice and bright they look. The murals also assist expecting mothers on our antenatal relaxation classes with their ‘guided imagery’ techniques, with many of those attending opting to give birth here based on how they feel about the Centre.”   

“I would like to say thank you so much to UHNM Charity’s fundraisers and donors who have made this possible, it means so much to our patients and staff. I was privileged to have the funding bid approved, as I appreciate how much hard work goes into raising the money.”

Midwife Lisa Fowell added: “The murals are the first things people notice when they come into the Centre, with many commenting how they don’t feel like they’re in a clinical hospital setting. Working here the bright and colourful rooms uplift you, it’s definitely improved team morale. We’ve even had colleagues from other departments want to visit and get inspiration for their own areas.”

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