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Charity-funded safe stores encourages staff and patients to saddle up

Staff and patients who commute to the Royal Stoke University Hospital now have a wider range of locations to safely store their bikes thanks to UHNM Charity.

We’ve worked in partnership with UHNM’s Sustainability Team to install secure bike parking outside the Royal Stoke’s A&E and Children’s A&E departments, following feedback there wasn’t enough secure parking available.

There’s now an extra 20 secure spaces for bikes thanks to UHNM Charity support.

Jessica Brownsword, sustainability manager said: “Here at UHNM we’re keen to encourage low-carbon travel to our sites, however there was a lack of secure cycle storage facilities. Thanks to UHNM Charity funding, we’ve been able to install additional secure cycle lockers so both patients and staff can store their bikes safely.”

“Being able to offer infrastructure that allows for a more cost-friendly alternative to car is a big win. There’s also well-known health and wellbeing benefits from cycling to your appointment or work, and I hope these lockers encourage more people to walk and cycle together.”

The lockers are designed so the whole bike can fit in without the need to remove any wheels, and there’s also space for helmets and bags to be hung inside.

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