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Cancer Patient's Care Packages Thanks to Youth Group

UHNM Charity we were delighted to welcome members of the NCS Social Action Project through the YMCA to Royal Stoke who dropped off 200 care packages for cancer patients at UHNM.

The packages which contain items such as books, hand creams and stationary were put together by the young people after speaking to people who have received cancer treatment.

Student Molly told us: “We spoke to cancer survivors about what they’d like in care packages as we were conscious that especially during the pandemic they could feel quite alone whilst receiving treatment. We wanted to make sure that people knew somebody is thinking about them and they cared.”

After identifying the items the group went about fundraising and set themselves a £1,000 target.

“We wanted to raise £1,000 in two days but ended up raising £1,200 through a half marathon, pub quiz and raffle. We approached local shops for items, many of which were kindly donated, then brought them all back to the YMCA. It took 3 hours to make up the care packages but it was definitely worth it.”

Each pack also included a hand-written poem and artwork that the students have created themselves.

The packs will soon be distributed to day case wards at both Royal Stoke and County Hospitals.

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