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Cancer patient Elaine makes donation for benefit of others

A patient living with advanced cancer has made a £200 donation to UHNM Charity to thank staff for providing treatment and help improve the care and experience of others.

Elaine Bowen who’s from Blythe Bridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.

Sadly for Elaine, who’s 59, her cancer spread to her lungs, right hip and liver. After noticing problems with her balance, she was also diagnosed with a brain tumour, however has now stabilised.

She said: “Living with any one of these tumours which could kick off at any moment can be tricky, but I try my best to forget about them and enjoy each day as it comes.”

“I hope this donation can be a catalyst for more holistic and preventative cancer treatment for people in our area.”

“I also wanted to say thank you to the very many kind, warm and excellent staff that I have encountered at UHNM. I’ve built good relationships with my clinicians.”

“I feel there’s always hope, even if you’ve been diagnosed and feel it’s the end. You can still enjoy your life if you do your best to understand your cancer, have the correct nutrition, a little bit of exercise and the love of family and friends.”

Elaine made her donation to Dr Apurna Jegannathen, Consultant Clinical Oncologist.


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